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What would you do when you face an unexpected expense like a medical bill during the mid of the month, when your payday is still days away? It is during such situations that the fast cash advance loan comes to your help.


Fast cash advance loan is a short term loan with a repayment period of one or two weeks or mostly till the next payday of the borrower. The loan amount which can be borrowed depends on the monthly income and the credit ratings of the borrower. The interest rate is also usually higher. There is an additional lender’s fee to be paid to the lender.

An attractive feature of this loan is its quick processing and easy application. There is no documentation and credit check involved, which makes the loan accessible by the bad credit holders too.

Availing the loan

The borrower has to meet the basic requirements like a regular monthly income. The details like name, address, contact numbers, driver’s license number, employer’s name and address and bank account number can be provided through an online application. Online applications are processed in two ways – fax and no fax method. Fax application requires copies of your photo id, past bank records and pay slip for verification. In the ‘no fax’ method, the borrower has to fill an online application, which is verified using database. If the details are found valid, then loan is approved immediately and cash is credited to the borrower’s account within 24 hours.


o Hassle-free process

o No credit check

o Quick approval

o Instant cash

Guidelines to borrowers

The borrowers are advised to look out for a reputed lender. Detailed online searches can provide you with lenders offering low interest rates. Ensure that your details will remain secure and confidential. The borrower can ask for a written statement from the lender quoting the fee and the rate before applying. Always remember to pay off the loan in due time to avoid higher interest and fees.